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David Gordon Memorial Hospital Succeeds in Maternal Health

The David Gordon Memorial Hospital of the CCAP Livistonia Synod registered no maternal death for the past three years.

chapweteka storyThis came out when the National Organisation of Nurses and Midwives of Malawi – NONM leadership visited the hospital to sensitise nurses and midwives of the importance of becoming members of the nurses union.

The mission hospital which is operating under the Christian Health Association of Malawi – CHAM is located in the Northern Region of Malawi, atop the livingstonia hills which is one of the most hard to reach areas of the country due to bad road network.

Despite the operational challenges facing the hospital including mobility and inadequate funding, the hospital managed to achieve the record due to management and staff commitment.

The hospital’s Principal Administrator Owen Chapweteka Mwale, explained that the hospital has a catchment area of over 90 thousand population that it serves.

“For the past three and half years we have had no maternal death in our catchment area, we are operating in a catchment area of more than ninenty thousand people in this mountaneous area and for the past three years we are talking about two thousand five hundred deliveries without maternal deaths from both our clinics, health centers and this main hospital.

“In the first place, we have managed to achieve this due to the hard work and dedication of management and staff, we have clinicians, nurses and doctors who are hardworking and are committed to their work despite the fact that we are located in a very difficult place”.

“We have put deliberate efforts to provide free ambulance to pick patients and women who are at high risk and due for delivery at the hospital”, said Chapweteka Mwale.

Mwale then appealed for support from well wishers who may be willing to fund some operation components of the hospital to ensure quality care for the population is sustained.

In herMrs Ngoma (far right) posing with hospital management and the visiting NONM delegation remarks, NONM President Mrs Dorothy Ngoma encouraged the hospital management and staff to continue maintaining professional successes for the good of the population. “I am excited and encouraged with your achievements, these are the issues that need to be highlighted in the media for people to appreciate that despite the prevalence of challenges you can still achieve more through dedication and zeal to serve the people”,, said Ngoma.

Ngoma added that NONM is proud to be associated with the registered success of the hospital and pledged the union’s support to its members working at the hospital.